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Gender equality

Each and every one of the Technological Centers that make up the AGROMATTER Group have implemented an Equality Plan with the aim of guaranteeing real and effective equality of opportunities between men and women in the organization. These Equality Plans are present in all the areas and decisions of the respective Technology Centers, guaranteeing at all times the principle of equal opportunities, where professional and personal development, internal promotion and the reconciliation of professional, personal and family.


The agromatter network has a high presence of women

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Integration of staff with functional diversity

The General Law on Disability (former LISMI – Law on Social Integration of the Disabled) establishes that all Spanish public and private companies whose workforce (total count of employees regardless of the type of contract) is 50 or more workers must have a quota of Reserve in favor of people with a disability equal to or greater than 33% corresponding to 2% of the workforce.

In this context, the hiring processes likely to be required within the framework of the Project and, in accordance with the integration policies of all the Centers of the Group, will be carried out under conditions of equality and always taking into account the skills of the candidates in the technologies and needs demanded by the job to be covered.