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The CERVERA AGROMATTER Group comprises five complementary Technology Centres in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology and materials science. Its aims are to establish a network of Technology Centres of scientific and technical excellence in the field of the Circular Economy applied to the development of bio-based materials for technical applications, to gain recognition as R&D centres of reference both nationally and internationally, to bring about growth in R&D projects and technology transfer to the business sector.  

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The cluster will focus its current and future technological capabilities on the study of agricultural waste and by-products revalorisation in the development of new materials with low environmental impact, easy recyclability and a perfectly defined life cycle for the initially foreseen target applications. 


The ultimate goal of the CERVERA AGROMATTER Group is the revitalisation of the industrial sectors represented by the technology centres involved through the transfer of technology and technical knowledge, while promoting new business opportunities related to these technologies within the framework of the Initiative.

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Work lines




Extraction, synthesis and transformation of agricultural waste into high added-value biomaterials.

  • CHALLENGE 1. Optimisation of sustainable extractive processes of compounds of interest for the development of biodegradable materials with lower environmental impact from agro-food by-products.
  • CHALLENGE 2. Scaling up of extractive processes to industrial level, as a solution to the current waste management in the agri-food industry.
  • CHALLENGE 3. Development of an efficient logistics system which is specific for different types of agricultural waste depending on to its chemical nature, stability, presentation format and the final application foreseen for the waste in question.
  • CHALLENGE 4. Optimisation of the process of obtaining AGROMATTER® textile fibre.
  • CHALLENGE 5. Optimisation of the transformation processes of monomers and other biocomposites to obtain bioplastics with use in fibre melt spinning, cast extrusion and blown film extrusion and injection moulding/thermoforming of containers.




Development of AGROMATTER solutions for target markets.

  • CHALLENGE 6. Optimisation of the AGROMATTER textile fibre application process in the development of materials such as paper, textile, composite.
  • CHALLENGE 7. Improving the fire performance of bio-based materials derived from the revaluation of organic vegetable matter.
  • CHALLENGE 8. Optimisation of the manufacturing process of bio-based or reinforced plastic materials with first or second-generation agricultural waste with applications in the automotive, packaging and food industry.
  • CHALLENGE 9. Optimisation of the implementation process of active ingredients with functional characteristics in the functionalisation of AGROMATTER materials.