CTNC disseminates Agromatter´s project in different national and international events

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During the month of May, the National Technological Center for Canning and Food disclosed the Agromatter project in different national and international events in which both its director, Pablo Flores, and various Technology and Environmental managers of the center participated researcher, based in Molina de Segura (Murcia).

On the 10th, the heads of the CTNC held an internal networking meeting with the rest of the partners in this project, financed by the CDTI, whose challenge is to generate a network of scientific-technical excellence in the field of applied circular economy to the development of biobased materials for applications, focusing its technological capacities on the study of recovery of waste and by-products from the agricultural field in the development of new materials with low environmental impact, easy recyclability and with a defined life cycle. The rest of the Cervera Network centers that are part of Agromatter participated in this meeting: Aitex, Andaltec, CTAEX and Itene.

Likewise, another of the scenarios where the work of this project was disseminated was at the XI International Symposium on Food Technology, headed by the Cervera Agromatter Network. A space for debate, presentations and meetings on technologies associated with the food field and where Murcia was the international epicenter.

More than 150 registrants from more than 20 countries attended the Symposium that was held, in parallel, with the 'Murcia Food Brokerage Event' that generated more than 700 meetings with business opportunities around the circular economy sector, "providing companies with from different European countries an excellent opportunity to establish technological cooperation agreements" as explained by the CTNC director, on the opening day, in which he was accompanied by the director of INFO (Institute for Development of the Region of Murcia), Joaquín Gómez.

"Food technology is key to an increasingly sustainable future", defended Pablo Flores, who indicated that "research plays a fundamental role in issues such as improving the health of citizens, food safety processes or respect for the environment and meetings like these encourage pooling research to improve the sector in question, since there is still a long way to go to achieve, for example, 0 waste”.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the enhancement of the Agromatter project on May 18 and 19 at Meetech Spain 2023, organized by Fedit and held in Madrid. A benchmark disruptive event in the Spanish innovative ecosystem. It is a unique space for meeting, connection and cooperation between Technology Centres, research organizations and companies thanks to the main element that unites them: technology.

Both the director of the CTNC and the person in charge of the Environment, Miguel Ayuso, visited different stands of the partners of the Agromatter project and presented, in different meetings, the research work of the center around the field of circular economy through optimization of sustainable extractive processes of compounds of interest for the development of materials with less environmental impact and biodegradable from agri-food by-products.

Meetech Spain 2023 is a networking space that served to share the technological challenges of different sectors and autonomous communities. A showcase of technological capabilities and an innovation showroom open to anyone interested in learning about trends, solving problems or finding partners to improve their business competitively.


Source: CTNT