Collaboration with the biorefinery CLaMber for the production of polymeric biocomposites from plant waste on an industrial scale.

Technology development ·

Andaltec Technology Centre and the University of Jaén are collaborating with the R&D biorefinery CLaMber, located in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), to advance the production of polymeric biocomposite components from plant waste. The three entities are carrying out tests under this brand, including demonstration trials on an industrial scale.


The technology centre and the University of Jaén have the equipment and optimised technology to produce the components of these polymeric biocomposites on a laboratory scale. CLaMber is collaborating to help further advance the scale-up of production to an industrial level. CLaMber is collaborating with UJA and Andaltec with the aim of making the leap to industrial production and helping to scale up some of the processes involved. The scale-up tests are carried out in demonstration reactors of 500 litres volume, where a final material is generated that can later be used for the formulation of polymeric biocomposites. All of this is based on waste vegetable biomass.


The CLaMber R&D Biorefinery is a research centre integrated in the Regional Institute for Agri-Food and Forestry Research and Development (IRIAF), an autonomous body attached to the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development of Castilla-La Mancha.